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Glad to report this site is up and running once again! From the post counts, you can see it’s been dormant for too long. Plagued with endless CSS issues, hacks, etc.; it became too much of a chore to keep with it. New host, new theme, new beginning! Endless gratitude to my bro’ who offered…

Captain Planet – Mystery Trip Vol.1

Captain Planet - Mystery Trip Vol.1

Captain Planet’s Mystery Trip Vol.1 is burnin’ up the hi-fi right now. With obscure sounds ripped from vinyl, then sliced, diced, chopped and skewed with a hefty injection of original production, programming and homegrown field recordings from his travels around the world, this 45-minute multi-generational sonic journey touches on sounds from Senegal, Jamaica, Ghana, Puerto…

Quantic – Luanda Sonó

Quantic - Luanda Sono

Quantic’s Luanda Sonó mixtape which he describes as “…a selection of a handful of Angolan 45s that have proven their spirit & longevity in my record collection. Here’s to the slap-echo guitars, scratchy dikanza, hope, aspiration and musical beauty that flowered from Luanda. This sound has long informed the systems of Barranquilla and parallels cumbia,…

Ohmega Watts – Pieces of a Dream

Ohmega Watts - Pieces of a Dream

MC/producer Ohmega Watts’ LP, Pieces of a Dream, is the long-awaited, six years to be precise, follow-up to his previous solo albums, The Find (!) and Watts Happening. Check the wax to hear his latest vibes and how his sound has evolved over the last few years! Ohmega Watts – Pieces of a Dream; Mellow…

Question – Favela EP


Been following Analogue Studies and the man called Question for quite some time now. Jazz-heavy beats that have kept my head noddin’ for days. For the New Year, he dropped the Favela EP which is an ode to Brazilian sounds. Despite being a short set, clocking in at just under 13 minutes, everything is on…

Roger Rivas – Autumn Breeze

Roger RIvas - Autumn Breeze

Just found out about and picked up Roger Rivas’ latest pressing, Autumn Breeze. The set features Rivas, from the Aggrolites, Los Bullets and more, on organ and melodica; Style Scott, from Roots Radics, Creation Rebel, Dub Syndicate and more, on drums; and Noe Santana, from Los Bullets, on guitar. Unlike his Organ Versions Vols. 1…

Brooklyn Rocksteady

Brooklyn Rocksteady

Brooklyn Rocksteady delves into the Ska and Rocksteady scene found in this New York City borough. It stretches back to the early days when Moon Ska reigned king, then shares some history of Version City during its time in the city and finally takes a look at the present-day scene. King Django, Vic Ruggerio, Dave…

Soul Cal – Funky Disco & Modern Soul (1971-1982)

Soul Cal 45

Soul Cal is the definitive survey of America’s best, independent, ’70s soul-ensembles. Profiled within this album are the bands that transitioned from Funk to Disco; the bands that kept up the backbeat as rhythm moved to the backseat. Against the odds, they left recorded artifacts for Now-Again to dig out, dust off and restore. Collected…

Paris DJs

Paris DJs!!!

A huge stack o’ wax from Paris DJs! That was my Christmas present to myself this year! As an avid follower of all things Paris DJs for years, my well of their unmatched sounds has been dry for the past two years at least in terms of the cost-based compilations/singles they’ve released. With no Internet…

Lost in the Crates #50

Akele Wube - Mata

This one is the 50th set of LPs/EPs/45s. You can check all the others here. 300 records in all. Eclectic throughout. Enjoy! August 2014: Plenty of broken links now across all the Lost in the Crates posts. If you want something, then drop me a line.

Saru – Downtempo Dojo

Saru - Downtempo Dojo

One of my favorite Downtempo sets that’s been spun countless times on the hi-fi. Picked this one up over a decade ago and didn’t know this pressing was out of print until making this post. Looks like Bastard Jazz is up on it and has done a reissue. Glad they are helping spreading these sounds…

Leroy Smart – Anthology

Leroy Smart - Anthology

Man called Leroy Smart pon di microphone! This collection gathers together 35 cuts taken from his extensive catalog. All with the unmistakeably unique Leroy Smart style. Check it! Leroy Smart – Anthology; Attack, 2012