1041 Williams Mill Rd.

The other day I did an off the cuff top ten (or so) things from my old stomping grounds, 1041 Williams Mill Rd. These largely pertain to The One EK and the few others who meandered in and out of our pad. The list includes:

  1. Manuel’s – having Manuel’s right next to our house but hardly ever going there and opting for the Buddy’s discount and the front porch instead.
  2. painting – getting the up, bustle, and out disc in the mail and deciding that we should put the mural on our wall that evening, turned out to be pimp. Need some pictures homeslice.
  3. tossin’ ball – throwing the tennis ball back and forth and laughing at Libby completely sucking at catch tennis balls from mid air.
  4. hot neighbor – the hot neighbor who ruined our dreams when she introduced herself and not only was her face busted, she was a complete moron. Still has a smoking body though. “My friends totally dared me just to come over here and talk to you.” ….Ha. Idiot.
  5. freedom path – running for hours and not having to worry about any distractions, easy walks to and from the Local and the Clermont, and the fact that it was literally about 30 yards from our house.
  6. dan – best herb in the ATL and so convenient especially when the storefront was in the Old Fourth Ward. “we have eleven varieties of dank today, which will you be having?”
  7. hookah – smoking dat “makloot” from Ali’s hookah and being experts in hookah management such as freezing the pipe, building the perfect bowl, using chilled water, slicing the perfect amount of vent holes, and restricting it to only dan’s herb.
  8. public library – having heaps and heaps of media from the library. Easily ranks in the top five things I hated to sacrifice when moving overseas.
  9. Goulet! – nuff said.
  10. showcasin’ – showin’ off our latest musical discoveries.
  11. sweetwater/redhooks on the porch – drinkin’ brews while listening to those discoveries.
  12. basketball – well not a 1041 thing, but the close proximity to the Y allowed me to be able to practice my game on that private court while rockin out to my iPod and setting those nets ablaze. my stroke however is diminishing daily while over here since i rarely get to the hoop to put up some jumpers. I still could school the fuck out of most Asians at Georgia Tech and Jon Koncak.
  13. amanda banginghams – actually from Peffer’s house but I think we laughed the whole way on Freedom Path back to 1041. still don’t understand exactly why it is so funny, but that is what being wasted is all about.

Good memories from an awesome house in an awesome location with an awesome roommate.


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