30th Anniversary of Elvis’ Death

The 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death was on August 16th.

The King!

I don’t need to go into how important the man is to modern music, so I’ll just spit out my first five thoughts regarding him.

  1. Having a discussion with Peter Ferrari at Gravity Pub where he tried to defend his claim that Elvis had a minimal impact on music. Umm……what? He lost the debate.
  2. Visiting The One EK in Memphis and no less than five minutes after my surprise arrival, I was whisked into a car and headed off to Graceland. Sweet! Only problem was that the the driver of the car had no idea where it was and, additionally, she had no idea how to drive. Death came very close that day as we swung around curves on two wheels, pulled blind U-turns, drove along sidewalks, and many other completely illegal driving maneuvers. When relief was finally given at our drop off at The One EK’s apartment, I asked what his friend’s name was, and he said he had no idea who that girl was. Insane.
  3. Spinning my Mom’s 45s that she had when she was a kid. Originals from the late 50’s and early 60’s that were absolutely not treated with proper care and, when played 40 years later, didn’t skip a single beat. No shit.
  4. My favorite song? Yeah right!, the man’s catalog is filled with gems that should be appreciated as a whole and not ranked individually.
  5. He was the inspiration for the cover of the greatest rock and roll album ever made.

InspirationBest Rock Album Ever….and the Cover Ain’t Too Shabby Either

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