13 Roses is Dead

Looks like 13 Roses completely fell apart. After checking their site upon hearing about Watson’s departure to Portland, Maine; it was discovered that Russ Abbott had left the premises as well to start a new shop in Decatur called Ink and Dagger Tattoo Parlour. Guess there was a disagreement among some people about the shops future, and the two who were intended to be the mainstays since the shop’s inception, up and left! Whatever.

Guess you guys aren’t gonna be seeing the advertisement they used me in gracing the sides of MARTA stops anytime ever. I was told to be so kind as to never post it anywhere on the Web prior to it being distributed throughout the ATL, but looks like that request is out the window at this point. Enjoy the evidence of my stunning beauty. I actually thought some of the other shots that we got were much better, but this was the one that they were planning on using.

The One Nero

Additionally, go check out Russ over at his new shop.
Different location, same ridiculously nice ink.


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