Nickodemus – Endangered Species

Musically speaking, New York native, Nickodemus, is probably as open-minded as it gets. Born and raised between Queens and Long Island, his childhood living room was flooded with the sounds of Motown, disco and loads of Latin music. Then came the discovery of DJ Red Alert and Marley Marl on 98.7 FM where he listened to and recorded the shows, religiously, each and every week. Next up was chillin’ at The Red Zone listening to DJs and painting murals.

His residency for the esteemed Giant Step crew gave Nickodemus the platform upon which to develop his style and technique. But it wasn’t until 1998 when he and like-minded musical partner, Mariano, set up shop for the weekly and legendary Turntables On The Hudson parties up at Chelsea Piers on Manhattan’s west side that he came into his own blowing the crowd’s minds aboard the rusty old boat they call The Frying Pan.

His debut album, ‘Endangered Species’, brought everything together. He stated “I’d lived in New York all my life and had seen things come and go constantly. People who were living in New York; the creative people who’d make amazing things, weren’t able to afford to live here anymore. The price was getting too high. This is a small example of a much bigger & broader idea. For me, Endangered Species are people, places, things hanging on- struggling to survive in a changing world. I’m pretty nostalgic & I’m always rooting for the underdog, so all the elements of this are in this album.”

Nickodemus – Endangered Species; Wonderwheel Recordings, 2005

Nickodemus – Endangered Species Remixed; ESL Records, 2007

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Remixed

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