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NBA All-Star

It’s two weeks and counting until the 57th NBA All-Star game, and, more importantly, the 24th NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The lineup this year features the following rising stars:

Gerald Green aka G-Money, Ice, High 5 (when he was #5). The defending dunk champion rocks a 48-inch spring in his step and has no qualms whatsoever in posterizing people on a nightly basis. His dunks last year were ill and it was easy for everyone to see who the winner was going to be that night in Vegas. Then again, Dwight Howard didn’t make it to the final round. It sucks to see him in a different uniform this year, but it doesn’t suck that the Celtics got KG in return. Who knows what he’ll bring to the contest this year, but if he puts a dollar on the top of the backboard, grabs it, leaves change, and then flushes with authority; it’ll go down as the greatest dunk in the history of man.



Jamario Moon aka Apollo 33, Moon Man, Super Jamario. Where did this guy come from and how in the hell is he 27 and just now making it to the league? Well, there are surely 29 teams who are kicking themselves for not signing him to a contract. Where’d he end up? Toronto. How you ask? Bryan Colangelo, who possesses a keen eye for talent and holds the title ‘Executive of the Year’ for two out of the past three years. Where’d he play before the league? He jumped around from the NBDL to the CBA to the ABA to the Globetrotters to the WBA to the LNBP in Mexico to the USBL back to the NBDL and then to the king of all leagues, the NBA. I think he’s proven that he is determined and I think he has also proven within a half-season that his play is sick, wicked, and nasty.



Rudy Gay aka………Hasn’t gotten a nickname yet. One search came back with Rainbow Man cause his jumpers have a nice arch, he can sky through the air, and well you can guess the third reason. Anyways, highly skilled and overwhelmingly powerful in the post is what he is all about and when people talk about power dunking and attacking the rim, Rudy is where it’s at. I don’t know what he will bring to the contest, but I dig the fact that he is taking requests from fans and incorporating that into his repertoire. Maybe he’ll pull off some move that’ll earn him a nickname for good. We’ll see.


Rudy Gay

Dwight Howard aka Thunder or D12. In only his 4th year he has become the starting center for the Eastern conference. The kid is everything the NBA could hope for in a person who will be one of the faces of the league for the next couple decades. A well-raised and classy young man who is an absolute force to reckon with in the paint. He says he has some tricks up his sleeve for this years contest, and I don’t doubt it. Can’t wait to see what come out of his bag of magic.



Dwight Howard introduces the competitors in this year’s contest. Did he seriously ask if we remembered the Sticker Dunk from last year?


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