Old Fashioned Rambling

1. The past month or so in the Phang Nga area has been abnormal as hell. I say that in regards to the daily rain showers that have been arriving in the late afternoons and persisting into the early evening. When living in Phuket last year, I didn’t see it rain once until April, and the locals have told me that they’ve never seen it rain in March, and especially not in February. It’s too grand of a matter to pinpoint one reason, but one thing is for certain, it’s been fucking up my plans to hit up the beach after work.

2. There are numerous lagoons around the area where I live and people go fishing in them all the time. Of course there are those who use the traditional method, rod and reel, which probably popped into your head when I wrote “fishing”, and then there are those who just wade around in the water with a net to get the catch. However, on a few occasions when I have left work late at night, I have found the coolest fisherman gang ever. They go out into the lagoon around 10 o’clock or so equipped with waterproof headlamps and spears, and they lurk around under the water and get their daily catch that way. I personally think it looks awesome and I’m currently in the stage of trying to figure out how I can ask them if I can join their underwater night-fishing gang. I’ll let you know if it works out.

3. Took a bus trip down to Phuket a month ago to chill out on Kata Beach and dig the vibrations coming from Job 2 Do soundsystem. Nice house party vibe going on and Khun Ree and I managed to get absolutely wrecked drinking buckets of Sang Som whiskey and pineapple juice coupled with some fatties. It was a pleasant evening all around, but the next day was anything but that. Hangover city for The One Nero. I had to crack up at myself, happens frequently, when Khun Ree saw me and asked if my asshole was feeling better and I responded by saying “It’s swell”. Hilarious to me because swelling was exactly the problem with my asshole in the first place. I never fail to amuse myself with my idiocy.

4. In response to some of Sasso’s words that were sent my way…

  • Lefties Soul Connection is some funky goodness on the ears for sure.
  • Not sure why I never got on the Shepherd Fairey bandwagon either, but he is certainly not lacking in the output department. I’d love to check out the book sometime, but I’m likely not gonna drop the money anytime soon to have it shipped here.
  • Phosphorescent’s Pride was not on my best of 2007 list ’cause I hadn’t heard it until a few weeks ago, and the verdict is that even if I had heard it in 2007, it still wouldn’t have ranked in my Top Five Indie/Punk List. It’s not terrible, but then again, it’s not nominally good either. Guess I’m just not vibin’ on that type of music at the moment. Ditto on thinking that he was comatose at his show at The Earl, but I can’t find any evidence of an improvement on that state in this here record. Back burner material. Oh yeah, the album cover sucks dick also. Look at it. Boo!

Shitty Artwork and Shitty Tunes

  • Sir Psych’s Psychedelic Shack has some quality stuff on there, but somehow I think the cover art for those records is far superior to the whacked-out sounds contained within them. Not sure though since I haven’t delved too deeply in the vault.
  • The Twin Galaxies site. Did you take note of the merchandise section. Seriously, who the fuck is gonna buy these products except for the mothers of these bonafide winners…or is it really losers. Merch out the fucking ass including an apron, a stein, a junior spaghetti tee, a large framed print, a dog t-shirt, etc, etc…for all the top players in the World. Anybody wanna rock a Donald Hayes shirt anytime soon? What the fuck?

Mayor of Losersville

5. On the heels of some Sasso-oriented ramblings. I gotta serve up another. You definitely ride my brain waves Sasso and that’s been the case for a long time. I say this because after reading about Paul Mawhinney’s record collection, I immediately began to think of records that I have, but he doesn’t. And despite your comment of him saying “Yes” to the “Yeah, but do you have….?” rebuttal, I (almost) guarantee you that his answer would be “No” to the following top five. The rules for this list were that the records had to have been distributed so that they were readily available to those seeking them out.

Top Five Records Paul Mawhinney (Probably) Doesn’t Have

  1. Partisan – The Gothic and The Gospel
  2. Rocker T and the Version City Rockers – Nicer By The Hour
  3. Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Grounation
  4. Victor Ruggerio – Living In Sin/Understanding New Jersey
  5. Ohmega Watts, Surreal, & Braille – Four Days In Geneva

The following list doesn’t abide by any distribution rules whatsoever.

Top Five Records Paul Mawhinney (Definitely) Doesn’t Have

  1. The Oswalds – Take Aim (ATL Punk)
  2. Tone Deaf Pig Dogs – Seven Inch Collection (Norcross Punk)
  3. Round Ear Spock – 6666 (Extra Evil) (ATL Punk)
  4. F64 – Unknown Title (Lilburn Rock)
  5. Obnoxious Kids – Self-Titled (ATL Punk)

6. Current viewing:

  • There Will Be Blood
  • Semi-Pro
  • Juno
  • The King of Kong
  • Letters from Iwo Jima
  • No Country for Old Men
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Pi
  • Microcosmos
  • 9.11 – In Plane Site
  • One Night with Blue Note
  • Grandma’s Boy
  • Waiting
  • Knocked Up
  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • The Future is Unwritten
  • Redacted
  • Death of a President
  • Anima Mundi

7. Finally got a chance to see Hotel Chevalier last week. Yes sir!!! If I wanted to keep my taste shallow-minded then I’d go ahead and vote it for film of the year simply based on the exquisite content it contains. After I saw The Darjeeling Limited, I was talking to my friend in Phuket and she said “Yeah, my friend back in America told me Natalie Portman gets naked in it”. I said “What the fuck?” I immediately questioned my manhood and how it could have been possible for me to miss a dream-fulfilling scene such as that. After some investigation, I found out that it was in the film short before the main feature, and was not contained on my bootleg copy. So, I managed to get a peep of it and then I hit rewind and watched it again. Tres Bien!

8. Flight of the Conchords: Season One is cracking me up as of late. Classic material all over this one. Hopefully they’ll be doing a second season sometime in the future although I read that they pretty much exhausted all of their songs to do the entire first season.


9. Top Five Things I Have Had To Avoid While Driving On My Street

  1. Goats – (Yes, that says ‘Goats’)
  2. Frogs – (It’s like the fucking plague when it rains around here)
  3. Snakes – (Three of them so far, each about 1.5 meters)
  4. Kids – (Throwing stuff, playing badminton, or just running around)
  5. Dogs – (Too commonplace in Thailand to carry much weight on this list. It’s seriously hilarious though, the dogs literally don’t budge an inch when you ride by them, as if they are the rightful owners of that spot in the middle of the road. It almost seems as though they even give you the glance that says, “What the fuck are you lookin’ at?” as you pass on by them with a puzzled face in response to their immobile nature. So funny.

10. Joe Gibbs passed away on February 21st. Big ups to the founder of the Amalgamated label. I personally feel his peak was in the mid-70s while working with Errol Thompson behind the mixing board as The Mighty Two. The African Dub series is wicked dub fyah, but I recommend the No Bones For The Dogs record as a starting point to his sound. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy. (Track 2 is missing…deal with it.) Much love to you Joe!

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – No Bones For The Dogs; Pressure Sounds, 2002

Joe Gibbs R.I.P.

11. The A3C Festival was last weekend in the ATL. The lineup was not as stellar as it was last year, but I would have loved to have seen The Legendary Juice Crew, Little Brother, Insight, Blu & Ta’Raach, Collective Efforts, Guilty Simpson, and Jeru The Damaja.

12. I voted for the #5 Peachtree Road Race shirt below. Talk about a heap of crap among the other candidates. I thought the Esperanza stable was gonna show up the competition this year, but I guess the new line took priority over the contest. Oh well, they’ll certainly be doing it again next year. Looks like they have a different route for the race this year that ends at Juniper and Ponce. Interesting choice for a finish line.



13. I was starting work around 10 o’clock on the Ides of March and what pops up on the Yahoo homepage? My hometown in fucking shambles after a tornado ripped through the heart of downtown. Absolutely insane and the photo evidence afterwards was even more shocking. Looks like the ol’ ATL took one on the chin from Mother Nature. Cabbagetown in ruins, the Cotton Mill Lofts crumbling away, Centennial Park looking like a warzone, CNN, The Dome, and Phillips falling apart, and the streets littered with tons of debris. Huge surprise to say the least on that one. Keep ya head up ATL.


14. Khao Lak has lightning bugs! A nice little reminder of those Georgia summers. The fields down near the beach and around my house are filled with plants that attract them and watching thousands of them light up everything is magnificent. Luckily for those critters, I’ve lost my desire to collect a bunch of them in a Mason jar and then dump them out on the concrete and smear neon lines all over the place with my sneakers. Ahh, if only entertainment was so simple nowadays.

15. I am starting a disturbing trend with these posts. The trend is that I ended up at Takuapa Hospital again. This time it was for what I thought was a broken wrist. Here’s how it went down. I was at Chong Fa waterfall (pictured below) a week ago or so and I went exploring at the top of it. On the way back down, I crossed over the flowing water to check something out. Wandered around a bit and then wanted to head back across. Take note that all of the rocks were slippery around this area. So, as I went to go back across, I took one step forward and…I’m sure you thought I busted ass at this moment, but it gets more troublesome than that. So, I took one step forward and realized this might be a dangerous action and thought that sitting down and sliding across would be more successful. What I mistook was the power of moving water.

As soon as the friction between my ass and the slick rocks was eliminated…off went The One Nero down the waterfall. I had about three seconds of panic as I scrapped at the rocks to prevent me from going overboard. Not enough time and no place to grab either. Hell it wasn’t even enough time for me to yell, “Fuck me!” before I was propelled off the rocks toward my noggin being destroyed against the jagged rocks at the bottom. But wait! What actually occurred was me landing in a seated position in about two feet of water with fine pebbles as a creek bed. I had both hands down and back from trying to slow my ride three seconds prior to impact, so they both took the force. I immediately jumped up and looked to heavens offering my thanks. I thought I walked away unscathed, but about 8 hours later, my left hand started to swell up and was in immense pain. Luckily, after two days of watching tons of DVDs and icing my hand all day, the pain and swelling went away. I’m back at it now, but my left hand is still only around 80%.

Namtok Chong Fa

16. Sometimes these ramblings just write themselves. When I arrived back at work, I put an ace bandage around my wrist and hand to stabilize it. I was talking to one of my co-workers and she was making a joke that it looked like I was involved in Muay Thai and then she made a fist and said “Don’t they call that sport ‘fisting’?” Well, I had to hold back the laughter and explain that that they call that sport ‘boxing’. Then she said “Well, what exactly is ‘fisting’ then?” My answer was “Ummm, Well, Ya see, Yeah, So, Ummm…and luckily there was something to distract the conversation upon which I felt relieved that I would not have to explain it by saying something like “First you make your hand look like a duck’s beak, then you…”

17. I gotta send my best wishes Esperanza’s way. The upcoming line looks absolutely killer. Take it easy on the ATL, I don’t know if they are ready for such hotness. Much love fellas.

The Hope

Our Lady of Buford Hwy

18. That’s all folks, but before I close…how fucking pimp are my new sandals. Yep, you’re damn skippy that they say ‘Atlanta’ on them. Apparently there is a brand here in Thailand called Atlanta that makes footwear. Boss kicks indeed.


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