Finally got my hands on the AfroCubism recordings. Been on the hunt for this platter for months now. Hella difficult to track down! Got it though and can’t wait to digest it with listen upon listen.

For those unfamiliar, this record represents what was supposed to take place during six days of recording, back in 1996, in Havana, Cuba, but, when passports didn’t arrive in time for the Malian musicians to join the intended collaboration, they proceed to record the magic found on the Buena Vista Social Club and Rubén González (Introducing…) records. Now, after all these years, the project has been realized and I couldn’t be more thrilled to add this to my collection. Read more about the project and listen to some samples here.

* * * Well, my link got nabbed too…and quick! Told you it’s difficult to hunt down! I’m not gonna re-up this, but I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of this exceptionally good record. * * *

AfroCubism – AfroCubism; World Circuit, 2010

AfroCubism - AfroCubism(2010)


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The Afro Soul-Tet - Afrodesia

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