AIFF – Afro Soul System

Afro Influenced Funk Federation, more commonly known as AIFF, are a Dutch outfit that create their unique sound by melding together various styles that range from deep-funk, soul and jazz to reggae and afrobeat. They just love all kinds of roots music. In reference to their sound, the percussion is breathing in a wide space, the guitar simply forces you to dance, the recognizable Fender Rhodes keeps the groove, and the horns span from mellow vibes to rude and rough punches. You can feel the “endless groove” rising which is when a base rhythm of drums, muted guitar and bass are repeated like the groove will never end. On Afro Soul System, they have used all the right elements from various forms to create a dynamic and highly-listenable album that doesn’t fall into the category of imitation. AIFF really have a mission; they want to show you their passion for the music they love in their own demanding way. Let them take you on a trip into their own world of afro-funk!

AIFF – Afro Soul System; Unique Records, 2007


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