Algiers – Blood 7″

Algiers is an experimental Gospel, No-Wave, Soul pulp band, slurping Francophilia – Gainsbourg and Dutronc, Saint Just and Fanon, Badiou and Baurdillard – Black Power – Nina Simone, Public Enemy, James Baldwin, Fred Hampton, DJ Premier, and Fela Kuti – and Southern Gothic – William Faulkner, Nick Cave and Flannery O’Connor – into a stew thicker than bourguignon in the Algierian sun.

The band consists of three individuals; Franklin James Fisher (b. North Carolina, l. NYC) on vocals, guitar, keys, programming, and percussion; Ryan Mahan (b. Georgia, l. London) on vocals, bass and percussion; and Lee Tesche (b. Georgia, l. London) on guitar, vocals, programming, and percussion.

This 7″ marks the first musical document to be recovered from the wreckage of Algiers and is part of a larger, fully-realised body of work recorded between 2007–2011 to be released posthaste. It features “Blood”, a solemn slave-folk incantation set against the depraved atonal wail of Roland S. Howard, Glenn Branca, and Watts ’65, b/w “Black Eunuch” which gurgles with the tension of Punk Gospel impotence, billowing to bursting before succumbing to an Axelrod/Greenwood orchestral relent.

Check the powerful video for “Blood” below and pick up a copy of the 7″ via Double Phantom Records.

Algiers – Blood 7″; Double Phantom Records, 2012


Blood 7 Inch by Algiers

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