All I Can / The Art of Flight

I’ve had these two skiing/snowboarding documentaries for a while, but watched them again last week. Simply stunning visuals on both! Highly recommended!


All I Can unites spectacular cinematography with creative cinematic language to fuse the passion for skiing with the potential to help the environment. In bringing the planet to life and drawing parallels between our daily existence, a common ground is found between the global situation and the real individual. Epic natural cinematography, ground breaking skiing from Chile to Greenland, and an environmental engagement that creates an accessible identification point for the viewer, leaving them with an inspiring new perspective.

All I Can – Directed by Eric Corsland and Dave Mossop, 2011

Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3

Unfortunately, the links I used are dead and so are all the other ones I found on the Web. I recommend you hunt this flick down one way or another. Well worth it!

The Art of Flight is a new breed of action sports film delivered from Red Bull Media House in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema. Equal parts action and adventure mix with the inevitable drama encountered along the way. Two years in the making, The Art of Flight redefines what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents, and wrong-turns strike. Immerse yourself in the cinematic experience as Brain Farm and their ever-expanding arsenal of film-making technology capture the dramatic beauty of the culture, wildlife, and scenic landscapes the riders take in along the way.

The Art of Flight – Directed by Curt Morgan, 2011

Word, Sound and Power
Around the World in 60 Minutes

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