Alton and Hortense Ellis – At Studio One

This set showcases the stunning vocal prowess of the sibling duo of Alton and Hortense Ellis. Rather than being a collection of duets, this features each on their own with the exception of the “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” cut. If you’re a fan of Rocksteady, Soul and vocals that drip with emotion, then this platter is for you. Just one of the many classics in the Studio One vaults.

Alton and Hortense Ellis – At Studio One; Heartbeat, 1991

Alton aand Hortense Ellis - At Studio One

If you happen to have the reissue from 2006 titled I’m Still in Love With You which features extras tracks and extended versions, send it my way. It’d be much appreciated!

Found it! Enjoy the vibes!

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