Am I a Vegetarian?

The One EK asked me the other day if I had tried any meat dishes while here. I tried them the first week I was here, and, although I have literally eaten lunch at Lotus Vegetarian every single day, I am no longer a vegetarian. On the daily do I dig on that animal flesh. It was a forced choice to be quite honest. 10 years strong with only a couple of late drunken nights where I consumed somebody else’s Fellini’s in the fridge after picking off some pepperoni, sausage, whateversomething that I had zero desire to digest. Now I grab gai sadteh lae khao niaw si thang kwah on the way home from work frequently. Chicken on skewers with sticky rice and cucumbers on the side. Delicious and 25 baht.

So I’ll have to write some sort of farewell letter to my former lifestyle at some point. The conversion seriously just came straight out of necessity. Had I decided to maintain the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, I’d be eating pad pak, fried vegetables, khao pad pak, fried rice and vegetables, khow plow pak, steamed rice and vegetables, or at Lotus Vegetarian everyday.

Oh wait, for the latter, I do that. Guess that makes me a daytime vegetarian.

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