American Hardcore

The history of hardcore punk – the tougher, faster, and more politically-minded stepchild of the ’70s punk movement that arose in the ’80s – is examined in exuberant detail in Paul Rachman’s documentary American Hardcore.

Rachman’s cameras careen across the landscape of the U.S. to trace the movement’s beginnings in cities like Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York, and cherrypicks interviews with the musicians that helped shape its sound and impact including Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn of Black Flag, H.R. of Bad Brains, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi, and many others.

Hardcore’s violent reaction against the Reagan administration and the complacent mindset of middle-class America is also detailed in countless performance footage clips and poster-art reproductions, which do much to dismiss the popular opinion of hardcore as nothing more than mindless hooliganism. Some fans may find the omission of certain bands a considerable oversight (San Francisco’s lethally satirical Dead Kennedys (!) are mentioned only in passing), but for most punk devotees, American Hardcore will be vital and essential viewing.

American Hardcore – Directed by Paul Rachman, 2006

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American Hardcore

American Hardcore

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