Arai na?

Check out a sample of some of the shit that comes my way at my job. The Gazette operates with Thai reporters who put together incoherent documents that get slid onto my desk where I proceed to stare at them for hours in utter confusion and frustration. This is what I am about to tackle for our lifestyle section of this issue. I guess the one thing I like about the job is that it is so disorganized around here that nobody really knows if your accomplishing anything or squandering your time away. Anyways, give this a read and then chuckle.

INTRO: Hairstyle and colors can make people look nice and charming. It can make you become like a movie star cause movie star like as leader of hairstyle and color that people like to copy to do. Hairstyle and color can change people look like, Hairstyle and color fashionable run fast so making yourself different from old style , you can do my change your hairstyle and color.

BODY: Suphakorn Sriketsurakul, who work as stylish more than 20 years and now he is stylish at S Hair Design and Adam Hairdo shop told the Gazette that “ Now a popular hairstyle in Thailand is popped hair which is triangle popped hair , shoulder long or ear lobe such as Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle.

However it depend on stylish’s design which will consider customer’s personality or customer’s face appearance. But for out side Thailand popular hairstyle such as Hongkong, Japan or China and become to popular in Thailand that will mixed together with straight hairstyle and perm such as straight at the front face and perm hairstyle at the back. Perm hairstyle which popular is have column not too much curly, it make perm hairstyle look natural. This mixed together hairstyle make people look not old and fashionable instead make curly hairstyle around hair. Straight hairstyle which popular to do in the front face , can also be slantwise……..continued, but I’ll spare you from the rest of it. Ahhhhh, this sucks.

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