Augustus Pablo – Message Music

In the ’70s, Augustus Pablo seemed to appear, like a vision from another world. His music was ethereal, evocative and unique. There has not really been anyone like him, before or since. He now stands recognized as Jamaican music’s best-known lead instrumentalist.

By the mid-1980s, Pablo had become a lot more visible, a lot less fashionable and a little of his mystique had rubbed off. In the 1970s, his own music sold in vast quantities for Reggae product and he became a mainstay as an instrumentalist session player on many Jamaican recordings. In tandem with this session work, he built a unique catalogue of music for a variety of his own labels such as Rockers, Rockers International, Message and Yard.

Message Music deals with Pablo’s instrumentals and dubs from around the mid-80s to the 90s; a slightly overlooked, yet equally impressive period of his musical output.

Enjoy the unmatched sounds of the one and only Augustus Pablo!

Augustus Pablo – Message Music; Pressure Sounds, 2011

Augustus Pablo - Message Music

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