Azaxx – The Exotic Delight Bay

French DJ/producer Azaxx’s album The Exotic Delight Bay sees him mixing up the styles from Brazilian flavors and rhythms to Bmore and breaks with a quirky yet sophisticated Gallic touch.

Azaxx, a native of Rennes, started out as a DJ playing trip hop and drum ‘n’ bass. Not completely satisfied with these reggae-laced beats and becoming more interested in the original samples behind the more liquid funk side of the sound, he delved deeper into drum ‘n’ bass heritage. “I think this happens when you are into music – you inevitably start looking back at what influenced that genre. This led me to buying many funk/soul originals and playing slower, funkier big beat music”, he explains.

With his newly enriched musical palate, Azaxx went on to become an active member of the big beat scene in Rennes where his head-nodders gained him a following across the UK. Since then he has DJed around Europe and as far afield as Brazil.

While DJing and traveling around in Brazil, Azaxx was blown away by the beats he encountered there, and was inspired to start work on some new material which would become his new album. More dance-orientated than previous Azaxx productions, The Exotic Delight Bay is packed with the temperature-raising flavors and rhythms that he soaked up on his travels, combined with textures and influences pooled from his grandmother’s collection of old mambo and salsa records and modern jazz, funk and breaks. Using these inspirations, he’s created his own unique style which is proving to kill dancefloors worldwide.

Azaxx – The Exotic Delight Bay; Tru Thoughts, 2009


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