Badmarsh and Shri – Dancing Drums

To listen to Dancing Drums is to imagine the bazaars and markets of Bombay being seismically unsettled by the drums and the bass of sample freaks and ambidextrous turntabla-ists. It is an album that provides any number of routes to an infinite amount of journeys and has been described as “an epic of explosive percussion and crafty melody lines”.

Badmarsh and Shri’s first collaborative effort for Outcaste Records bridges decades, genres and cultures. Breakbeats are coaxed, pulped, rearranged and deranged. As new forms become old norms and progressive beatmastery overshadows the soul of songwriting, Badmarsh and Shri have achieved the constantly craved, yet rarely attained accolade of creating an album that is intense without the pretense, and funky without the superficiality.

Badmarsh and Shri – Dancing Drums; Outcaste, 1998

Badmarsh and Shri - Dancing Drums

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