Bathroom Sex Is Ah Di Best

The bathroom sex. Here we go in terms of my general blogging. I’ve been to two clubs here in Thailand where they offer a service that is free of charge unless you want to tip where they come and give you a chiropractic session while you have your dick in hand during a piss. Yeah that’s right. Hot towel on neck. Snap of the neck each way. Leg massage. Full spinal snap during the washing of hands and a simple sawatdee-krap after it is done.

I was on cloud nine the first time this happened even thought I felt violated in a sense. But when it started to happen again tonite at another bar, I was sooooooo game. I’ve never been popped this way and that like they do, and it is quite the refresher. I was even made fun of by my classmate because she could see the elation in my eyes when I exited the pisser. It’s worth the price of admission I tell you, and I know for a fact that the attendant would be busted upside the nose in the states for doing the same thing. Crazy changes.

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