Bernard Purdie – Soul Drums

Bernard Purdie is one of the most well-known drummers of all time, in all genres of music and probably the most recorded in history. From his early days as a session player to being Aretha Franklin’s musical director, being an over-dub drummer for The Beatles, recording albums with King Curtis, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock, Hall & Oates, Quincy Jones, The Last Poets, Roberta Flack & James Brown, to name a few, “The Hit Maker” is a staple in music! Soul Drums, one of the most sought after drum LPs amongst vinyl collectors, features a heavy-reverb, psychedelic-funk sound that will blow lids!

This set is insanely on point from start to finish. All killer, no filler. It also contains “Funky Donkey” which served as the inspiration for The Soul Vendors “Death in the Arena“, a heavily versioned side,  recorded in 1967 for Studio One.

If anyone has the eight bonus tracks, featured on the Nature Sounds reissue, that were rumored to be the follow-up LP titled Alexander’s Rag Time Band, that was shelved since recording, then send them over. Definitely want to hear those!

Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie – Soul Drums; Date/Greenstreets, 1967

Bernard Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums

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