Betty Padgett

Up next in the list of albums that I cannot obtain ’cause eMusic cancelled their service to Thailand is the long-lost mid-70s gem from Betty Padgett. (out on April 7th via Luv n’ Haight)

Who is Betty Padgett? This is the question Shane ‘DJ Sureshot’ Hunt kept asking himself when he recently discovered her self-titled 1975 debut LP while browsing through a dusty back room at a Los Angeles record store. The record simply looked too good to be true. Was it a Sweet Soul? Disco? Dirty Funk, or possibly even a Reggae album? Very few records encompass all of these musical genres in one package, yet this album captures the eclectic reach of the Miami soul scene in the mid-1970s. Tracks like “Sugar Daddy” also sound amazingly contemporary, they could very easily be confused with something new from the Quantic Soul Orchestra or Orgone.

Perhaps you’ve commented that I could just as easily get it from iTunes or Amazon. True. What’s the difference? The price: iTunes = $8.91; Amazon = $8.49; eMusic = $1.71. So there ya go. This one is worth coughing up the extra cash for, but I’ll hold out for a little while and look for a $0.00 version. If you got it, send it over.


N.R. outta Cali dropped by and left me this delightful piece of wax. How an album like this can go unearthed for 34 years is beyond me. The description from Ubiquity is true to the word, this one’s a mix of all styles with that tropical Miami/Kingston flavor throughout and a few tracks that are pure dancefloor killers. Get on it!

Betty Padgett – Self-titled Reissue; Luv n’ Haight, 2009

Betty Padgett

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