Big Mean Sound Machine

In 2009, Big Mean Sound Machine formed in Ithaca, New York with one goal: to create music that stimulates both body and brain. The result is a fiery exhibition of artfully conceived dance music that truly is ‘Big and Mean’.

Today, Big Mean Sound Machine comprises a collective of over 15 analog artists spread out over the Northeastern United States, who strive day in and day out to reanimate and reinterpret Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Fusion and just about everything else, all through a postmodern lens. Anyone who has witnessed The Machine live in action knows that their performances are among the heaviest and the sweatiest. Anyone who has heard their studio releases also knows that they can refine this complex sonic force with maturity and clarity that allows each composition to blossom to its fullest.

In 2011, the band debuted with the Ouroboros LP followed by 2012’s Marauders LP as well as a collaboration on a full-length with J-San and a remix from Grant Phabao in the same year. This year, the band has released a live DVD and anticipates another collaborative effort on an album with Ghana vocalist Yao Foli “Cha Cha” Augustine.

Check the fantastic sounds of the mighty Big Mean Sound Machine. Definitely won’t disappoint!

Big Mean Sound Machine – Ouroboros; Sound Machine Collective, 2011

Big Mean Sound Machine - Ouroboros

Big Mean Sound Machine – Marauders; Sound Machine Collective, 2012

Big Mean Sound Machine - Marauders

J-San & the Big Mean – Warrior; Sound Machine Collective, 2012

J-San and Big Mean - Warrior

J-San & the Big Mean – “Moving Too Fast” (Grant Phabao Remix); Paris DJs, 2012


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