Bling47 Break: Dilla Edition

Been hooked on listening to people talk about records since watching the Crate Diggers videos. Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) and Bling47 is the man behind these creations that feature various people associated with the great J Dilla chat it up about their favorite breaks chopped and served up by the master himself. Nearly every one of these videos will have you shakin’ your head and sayin’ damn as you find out the records that Dilla sampled from (all over the genre map) and, moreover, how amazing his ear was for music to pick up on such minimal sections of a song and then flip it into something that was straight bangin’. There’s a whole slew of videos, but here’s five to showcase. Definitely visit Bling47 to peep ’em all!

Bling47 Breaks: Dilla Edition

Inna Ruminations Stylee
John Peel's Record Collection

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