Bloquera is an EP created by Maanumental, Newman, Sir Kado, Superbrush 427 (all of Giant Panda) and Thes One (of People Under the Stairs). The album was a result of a two-week road trip to Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico which was the inspiration for the album.

During their stay in Mulegé, the group camped on the beach facing the Sea of Cortez where they fished for their meals, visited local taco stands, purchased produce from local farmers, and attended local baseball. All the happenings were recorded using Super 8mm cameras.

Each member of the group also took on a unique alias for the album. Maanumental as Maanu MyGoose. Newman as Sandy Sand Dollar. Sir Kado as The Sea Troll. Superbrush 427 as Big Sun. Thes One as The Sassy Warlock.

Bloquera – Bloquera; Tres, 2004


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