Blundetto – Bad Bad Things

Dope debut dish from the French musician known as Blundetto. The set features the likes of Shawn Lee, Tommy Guerrero, the Budos Band’s horn section, Lateef the Truth Speaker, Chico Mann, General Elektriks and Hindi Zahra. Chilled-out Soul, funky Jazz licks, Reggae vibes and simply smokin’ throughout. If you overlooked this one, then you’re in for a treat.

Blundetto – Bad Bad Things; Heavenly Sweetness, 2010

Blundetto - Bad Bad Things

Still on the hunt for the limited-edition Cumbia Loca, Sonido Bestial mixtape that came out a few years back. Looks like a stellar blend of Latin vibes. Send it my way if you got it.

Blundetto – Cumbia Loca, Sonido Bestial; Lucien Entertainment, 2008

Blundetto - Cumbia Loca Sonido Bestial

Check the four-part series of lessons titled “How To’s” for more on the man and his sound. Choice!

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