Bob Barker is the Man

Bob Barker retired from The Price Is Right. I’ll always remember watching it when I was sick and stayed home from school and in the summers. Bob Barker is the fucking man by the way. Still doesn’t hold a candle to H. Johnson, but the guy is straight up boss and has that legacy to prove it. I heard that Rosie O’Donnell was in the running for taking over. Talk about taking a huge shit on a piece of Americana. Dear God, please don’t let it happen.

Dunt, dunt, da-dah, Dunt, dunt, da-dah, Dunna, dunna, dunna, dunna, dunt, dunt, da-dah. Classic shit.

The Man

Speaking of Barkers. When is that Expensive Taste album gonna drop. Should be some nice selections on that wax when it does come out.

Word! That’s one reason I like spittin’ these out, is so that I can follow up on these notes. Sure enough, I just got the 15-song mixtape for free from the link below. Reports say that label issues have resulted in the album being split between Skinhead Rob and Paul Wall. Go figure. At least they put out the demo stuff for nothing. That’ll work. Check it out.

Expensive Taste

The latest songs in MY current mixtape playing while writing this include in most recent order:

1. Horace Andy – “Mammie Blue” from Skylarking
2. The Congos – “Solid Foundation” from Heart of the Congos
3. The Heptones – “Richard Khouri” from Unreleased Night Food Sessions
4. Burning Spear – “Door Peeper” from Creation Rebel
5. U-Roy – “Don’t Stay Away” from Version Galore

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