Brooklyn Droppin’ Da Flava

El Michels Affair

Can’t wait to get my hands on these two gems outta Brooklyn. I’ve heard some of the El Michels Affair cuts off their Shaolin Series 45s, and I can only guess that the rest of the set is equally as dope. Oh yeah, if anyone comes across a link to the album. Hook a brother up!


The blog world came to the rescue and hooked a brother up. Just spreading the vibes. You know it’s true, El Michels Affair ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck with!

El Michels Affair – Enter the 37th Chamber; Fat Beats, 2009

Wu-Tang Style Bitch

Menahan Street Band

Menahan Street Band are back with that sweet style on their upcoming 45 “The Wolf” b/w “Bushwick Lullaby”. Not sure how I’m gonna get my hands on this one, but it’ll happen one way or another. The nice part of the release is that it is intended to challenge The Budos Band to counter this release with one of their own to showoff their skills. New material from both outfits is no problem in my book whatsoever.

The MSB challenges the Budos Band to a duel with “The Wolf”, the fast-paced ethio tinged number that has recently served as the opening song of their on-stage appearances. The song evokes unique imagery in the mind — part sun-drenched ethiopian desert, part frozen northern tundra. This song is dedicated to Joe “The Wolf” Colgan for building the new Dunham Studios.

Without telling Michels and Movshon, Brenneck put a little something special in their gin and tonics. The result is “Bushwick Lullaby”, a highly syncopated slow placed number entirely indicative of the participant’s mind-state at the time of recording. Next time you put your kids to sleep, why not sing them the “Bushwick Lullaby”?

Attention!! In retaliation to the challenge, 2 members of the Budos Band broke into the Dunham Art files and switched the song titles on the 45 label. “The Wolf” is actually “Bushwick Lullaby”, and vice versa. This will be corrected in the next pressing. (Ha. Nice way to cover that one up.)

The Wolf b/w Bushwick Lullaby

Truth and Soul Records
Kero One

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