Brooklyn Rocksteady

Brooklyn Rocksteady delves into the Ska and Rocksteady scene found in this New York City borough. It stretches back to the early days when Moon Ska reigned king, then shares some history of Version City during its time in the city and finally takes a look at the present-day scene.

King Django, Vic Ruggerio, Dave Hillyard, Victor Rice, Marcus Geard, Glen Pine, Eddie Ocampo, Bucket, Dave Barry, Agent Jay are featured along with some fresh faces from up-and-comers The Forthrights, The Frightnrs and more.

NYC Ska and Rocksteady was foundation music for me growing up in the ’90s and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found this film. Especially the Moon Ska and the Version City content. Fantastic to listen to these heroes of mine chat about the old days and to hear the stories of how the shows, recordings and growth of the scene developed.

Respect and appreciation to all involved in the film and, of course, the director Samuel Gursky. Thanks for all your efforts!

Brooklyn Rocksteady – Directed by Samuel Gursky; 2013

Brooklyn Rocksteady

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