Brooklyn vs. Kingston

Chris Macro brings it once again in the third volume of Macro Dubplates with nine choice cuts to delight your ears. Yeah yeah!

Chris Macro – Presents Brooklyn vs. Kingston; Macro Dubplates, 2011

Chris Macro - Presents Brooklyn vs. Kingston

In case you’ve been sleepin’ and missed the first two volumes, here is your chance to catch up on two killer sets that blend Hip Hop and Reggae vibes.

Chris Macro – Presents King Tubby vs. Wu-Tang; Macro Dubplates, 2009

King Tubby vs. Wu-Tang

Chris Macro – Presents Jay-Z vs. The Wailers; Macro Dubplates, 2009

Jay-Z vs. The Wailers

Up, Bustle and Out - One Colour Just Reflects Another
Brothers Unlimited - Who's for the Young

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