Celso Fonseca

“Anyone who doubts that Portuguese is the language of love should hear the purring of Celso Fonseca; who has written some of the more seductive melodies to emerge from Brazil since the death of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Fonseca descends from a tradition of such feather-voiced guitarists as João Gilberto and Caetano Veloso, but he sings with greater feeling than either of those sacred cows…the results are unfailingly pretty and ache with the wistfulness we crave from Brazilian singers.” – Time Out New York

I picked these up via eMusic and they’ve long been favorites of mine. Simply brilliant compositions throughout both sets. Hope he is still recording as I’d be delighted to hear some new material from him. Keepin’ my fingers crossed.

Celso Fonseca – Natural; Crammed Discs, 2003

Celso Fonseca – Rive Gauche Rio; Crammed Discs, 2005

Celso Fonseca - Natural Celso Fonseca - Rive Gauche Rio

Celso Fonseca

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