Chinese New Year Karaoke

I performed karaoke on Chinese New Year at the request of my friends. The place was not like a Twain’s or that shitty place in Panama City, but actually completely proper where ever person who got up, really cared about the whole nine yards. It was almost as if they practiced day and nite for this gig. But, they sat down the whole time. I personally need to have physical movement to hit a groove, but I obeyed. I performed The Beatles “Do You Want To Know A Secret?” and at the REQUEST of the crowd, I did one more, Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”.

I only regret forgetting that a true Stevie impersonation with the closed eyes, or sunglasses, and the sway would have been legendary. Oh well, I got full applause as being the strangest person ever at that bar who had performed.

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