Christmas Eve x Christmas Day x New Year’s Eve

Spent Christmas Eve inna fine style. Chilled out at Reggae Bar in Nai Harn and then went over to a really small cove called Ao Sane and listened to Job 2 Do, Thailand’s biggest and best reggae band, play a free show. The evening consisted of lots of people dancing in the audience, a festive Christmas atmosphere, fire performers, huge fireworks, lots of beers consumed, many a joint smoked, watching people stumble onto their dinghies to get back to their yachts in Nai Harn Bay, relaxing with some friends, and calling a hammock home for the night.

Right Near Di Beach….Boyee!

Christmas Day was spent in a way that is totally unlike I have ever experienced before. That is not a preface for something grandiose happening either. As a matter of fact, it was just another day around here. Nothing special going on and absolutely none of the traditions that I am familiar with taking place. I have to say I like all the aura surrounding Christmas much more back in the States. I described some of the things I missed to my family and they include relaxing with family and friends, eating delicious lasagne on Christmas Eve, sneaking cookies from the pantry that are intended for guests, opening up one present the night before and hoping it was a video game I could play all night until the next morning (oh wait…that one is from when I was 10 yrs. old), avoiding shopping malls, checking out lights on houses, checking out the tree on top Stone Mountain, drinking hot chocolate, watching A Christmas Story, and many other things that were are noticeably absent here in Thailand.

New Year’s Eve was spent with some friends at Ska Bar on Kata Beach. Consumed buckets of Sang Som and Coke, smoked some fatties, relaxed by the sand and waves, protected myself from the kids throwing fireworks, flew a red Khom Loy (that got caught by the wind and ended up in the water), mingled with the other folks there, and enjoyed the stroke of midnight when the entire bay lit up with fireworks from all directions. A memorable night for sure. Happy 2008!….(or 2551 according to the Buddhist calendar). Hope the year ahead proves to be both pleasant and fulfilling for you.

Chopped Up and Delivered
R.I.P. Goulet!

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