Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin

Late last year, Ubiquity Records was approached by the mysterious Misled Children about another project from Clutchy Hopkins, the man they claim to represent. A vintage Caribbean tracksuit jacket was found in the office fridge, and written in permanent marker on the inside right arm was a request for a meeting where they would “get another piece of the Clutchy Hopkins puzzle”.

Cutting a long story short, they recently acquired a bag 2-inch reels that contained the dusty, dubbed out Clutchy Hopkins tracks on this LP. Take a pinch of Hopkins deep musical madness and add a sunshine-blessed dubbed-out twist, and that is Music is My Medicine.

Read the full story of how this album, and an accompanying journal, ended up in Ubiquity’s hands.

Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin – Music is My Medicine; Ubiquity, 2009

Music is My Medicine

Clutchy Hopkins music is just flat out ill. The beats that come out of his records are on a next level. What is so bizarre is the lack of information concerning his identity. Guesses about his identity have included the Beastie Boys, Money Mark, Shawn Lee, Madlib, Rick Rok, Peanut Butter Wolf, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, and others. I used to think it was definitely Shawn Lee, but I gotta say I really have no clue whatsoever.

Either this whole thing is true, making Cluthcy Hopkins the Jandek of beats, or Ubiquity has crafted an incredibly secretive, intricate, and overall puzzling marketing scheme inclusive of the cooperation of numerous individuals who all seem to speak genuinely of having encountered him, but simply lack any knowledge about him. You gotta figure it’s the latter, but you question it ’cause Ubiquity has done such a thorough job with it all.

Well, so be it. I’d love to know who this guy really is or, if it’s not an alias, what his story is really all about. The most important thing is that his grooves keep getting distributed. They never fail to leave me saying “Damn that was nasty!”

Check out the Clutchy Hopkins – Walking Backwards DVD for some short testimonials about encounters with this enigma. Also, check out this footage of Clutchy mashin’ it up with Dudley Perkins on a 15-second snippet.

Clutchy Hopkins – Walking Backwards DVD Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3; Password = boss

Clutchy DVD

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