Colored-Inc. – Hard 2 Find Series

Your day just got a whole letter better with this offering of vibes from the Paris-based label, Colored-Inc. An exceptional series that showcases a broad range of sounds to meet all sorts of tastes. Be sure to pick these up as well as the rest of the Colored-Inc. discography and head on over to the sister site, Paris DJs, for news, free tracks and a wealth of exceptionally-good mixtapes.

V/A – The Black Cat – Hard 2 Find Vol.1; Tracklist & Info

V/A – Down By The River Side – Hard 2 Find Vol.2; Tracklist & Info

V/A – One Foot In Jail – Hard 2 Find Vol.3; Tracklist & Info

V/A – The Drug Store – Hard 2 Find Vol.4; Tracklist & Info

V/A – Black Magic – Hard 2 Find Vol.5; Tracklist & Info

The_Black_Cat-Hard_2_Find_Vol_1_s Down_By_The_River_Side-Hard_2_Find_Vol_2_s

One_Foot_In_Jail-Hard_2_Find_Vol_3_s The_Drug_Store-Hard_2_Find_Vol_4_s

Black_Magic-Hard_2_Find_Vol_5_s Colored-Inc


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