Congrats to the Esperanza Crew

Congratulations to Daniel Barbalho and Meri Scarcella. I certainly wish I could be there with you to celebrate in fine style, but it looks like we’ll just have to hold off until you step foot in my part of the globe. Still can’t quite get it to register that you’ll be here to chill out in a few months time. Awesome. Congratulations again.

Props to the Esperanza crew for some nice threads in the recent line. I was diggin’ the stuff on the line sheets, but did find the layout of the line sheets as a bit outta place. Anyways, the “MARTA” shirt is key. The “Enjoy…or else” shirt is boss and I love the fact that the inspiration was drawn from an actual tat. Badass. Feelin’ the R. Land inspired “Pray for the Dirty South”. “Haute Lanta” is hot, but I think the Trailblazers might have done that design first. Nuff respect for the dedication and output. Quality.

Haute On The TrailHaute On The Trail

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