Current Status: Few and Far Between

My Web access is highly limited at this moment in time. The ol’ jobby job said keep the notebook at home, so I can’t connect after work anymore. I’ll do my best to share some more vibes in the near future, but it was much easier to upload files and let it process during working hours than it is to upload something while chillin’ at the local bookshop.

Additionally, my Rapidshare account expired and my PayPal account is dry, so I can’t renew it at this moment. Strangely, I saw that the links I previously uploaded were not allocated to my account, so they had a download limit of 10 and are now unable to be accessed. Sorry ’bout that. For some reason, all the YouTube links broke too. Oh yeah, eMusic cancelled service to Thailand which severed my ability to share digital advances on here. So that’s gone too. It is what it is.

Well, once I get my account back and have some steady access, I’ll re-upload the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi episodes and add some more albums that I have been meaning to share. Perhaps I’ll revamp the whole site if I find the time to do so. Check back when you can and see what has or hasn’t changed.

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