Cyril Diaz and His Orchestra – Voodoo EP

Journey back to 1950s Trindad and cool out to the calypso sounds of the island with this limited-edition pressing. Cyril Diaz leads with his smooth tenor-sax vibes and the entire group delivers four impressive numbers highlighting Cuban flavors and parang, Trinidad’s popular folk music. Enjoy!

This set also marks on of my most memorable moments in identifying riddims. When I dropped the needle on “Tabu” [sic], I started nodding to the percussion and, when the horn line blew, it took me all of about 2 seconds to say “Oh shit! Sir Coxsone lifted this tune!” One of my all-time favorites from the Studio One vaults and one of the very first records in JA to contain Roots and Culture lyricism. Click the video below and see if you can find out what tune I’m talking about. Need the answer?…click here.

Cyril Diaz and His Orchestra – Voodoo EP; Strut, 2011

Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra - Voodoo EP

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