Dance Craze

It was the July 28th, 1979 when The Specials first appeared on the U.K. singles chart. The record was “Gangsters” and it spent 12 weeks on the charts, eventually reaching #6. At the end of August that year, “The Prince” by Madness was released, it spent 11 weeks on the charts and reached #16. The scene was set and over the next twelve months, Two-Tone and British Ska exploded.

Records by The Selecter, The Beat, The Specials, The Bodysnatchers, Bad Manners and Madness were all over the singles and album charts. After extensive touring and live performances, the Two-Tone sound emerged as a mighty force in British music.

The Dance Craze DVD captures some of the best performances from the Two-Tone era and hopes to recreate the atmosphere and pure energy that existed at these shows. Judge for yourself!

Dance Craze – Directed by Joe Massot, 1981

Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3; Tracklist

Dance Craze DVD

Secondhand Sureshots

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