Darrell Banks

Two tremendous albums featuring superb Deep Soul and dramatic, Gospel-tinged wailing from Darrell Banks. His 1967 Darrell Banks is Here LP contains his first four Revilot and Atco singles, timeless Northern Soul and Deep Funk gems, as well as “Open the Door to Your Heart”, his #2 R&B hit, among other tunes. He followed up his debut record, with the Darrell Banks is Here to Stay LP in 1969. The set blended Stax horns and Detroit groove beautifully. Despite no radio hits, the disc was masterful, a stunning window into the genre-defining work that Banks was beginning to produce. Sadly, the man’s upward trajectory ended in a flash when he was killed by gunfire at the age of 33 leaving that big question of what would he have done had he lived. What we do know is that he left us with two sets of remarkably incredible tunes!

Darrell Banks – Darrell Banks is Here; Atco, 1967

Darrell Banks – Darrell Banks is Here to Stay; Stax, 1969

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