Dennis Brown – At Joe Gibbs

Delving deep into the archive of recordings by Dennis Brown, the Crown Prince of Reggae (dubbed this title by Bob Marley who stated that Dennis was his favorite singer). This killer 4-disc collection of tunes produced by the Mighty Two, Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson, contains the classic LPs Visions Of, from 1976, and Words Of Wisdom, from 1978, as well as two compilations of singles Love’s Gotta Hold on Me and Reflections. Essential tunes from a discography that is unfathomably deep.

Dennis Brown – At Joe Gibbs; 17 North Parade, 2011

Certainly couldn’t let this post go up without reposting my favorite set of tunes from Dennis Brown, the incredible The Promised Land 1977-79 which includes the entire Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours LP and seven additional tracks from Dennis’ very own D.E.B. Music label. A stunning set that floored me upon my first listen. Some of the most powerful roots music I’ve ever heard and has been in constant rotation for years. For an artist as prolific as Dennis Brown was, this, in my opinion, represents his work at its peak. Simply extraordinary and simply essential.

Dennis Brown – The Promised Land 1977-79; Blood and Fire, 2003

Liner notes written by Steve Barrow

Dennis Brown - Promised Land

Moreover, on a post showcasing Dennis Brown at Joe Gibbs, I got repost the collection below which gathers some tough-to-find gems that originally appeared on 12″.

Dennis Brown – A Little Bit More: Joe Gibbs 12″ Selection 1978-83; 17 North Parade, 2008

Dennis Brown - A Little Bit More

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