Diamond Notes

Diamond notes include the recent acquisition of Yellow Jacket Mark Teixeira and Octavio Dotel for the Braves. Absolutely stellar move by John Schuerholz. Looks like the streak of pennants is about to start again. The Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne and forever put to rest the questions over their bullpen philosphy. Gagne is money on the mound.

Congratulations to Tom Glavine for securing his position in the acclaimed 300-win club. Big ups to Barry Bonds for breaking the most-heralded record in baseball with his 756th dinger. Fuck what anybody says about the man. The case in point is that he obviously used performance-enhancing drugs, but that does nothing to change the fact that he still has to see the pitch and put the sweet part of the bat on the ball within a split second. Only god-given ability and practice can allow you to successfully do that 756 times. Props to A-Rod for hitting his 500th homer at the tender age of 32. Ridiculous. In a few years time, will report about A-Rod surpassing Bonds’ mark. Barring any debilitating injuries that he might incur, I predict he will be the first major leaguer to reach the 800 mark. Nasty.

Tip of the hat to Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn for their Hall of Fame inductions. Not too many players out there display the professionalism and class that those two guys have. They truly represent what baseball is all about, and that is playing the game everyday (especially everyday in Ripken’s case) for the fans. On the Hall of Fame note, Dale Murphy still does not have a place there which is complete bullshit.

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