DJ Alibi – One Day

Mikhail Galkin, aka DJ Alibi, was born outside of Moscow, Russia in 1986. He’s been steeped in music his whole life. At 4, Alibi picked up a violin, then a piano, a trumpet, a bass, a guitar, and others to follow. At the age of 12, Alibi’s family moved to Toronto, Canada where his love of music followed him. Within six months of living in his new hometown, Alibi had already made his first beat utilizing his newest instruments: turntables and samplers. In 2005, the talented 19-year old sent a disc to Thes One who immediately realized the talent in DJ Alibi’s production. The disc was filled with sophisticated arrangements that push musical boundaries and defy post hip-hop labeling. The now 21-year old shies away from the title prodigy, but the heads out there know that this is an accurate word to dscribe this producer.Vibe on his debut album, One Day, which offers the perfect balance of music theory and hip-hop intuition. Consisting of eleven purely-instrumental tracks and five tracks complimented by Giant Panda, Insight, Theo 3, and Alibi’s crew Bamboombox; One Day is a mixture of boom-bap rooted tunes and cleverly-worded rhymes unlike any hip-hop record to date.

DJ Alibi – One Day; Tres Records, 2007

DJ Alibi

As a special two-for-one bonus, the Top Rankin Hi-Fi is offering a second album via the DJ Alibi file. It’s the hard-to-find album, Four Days In Geneva, from Braille, Ohmega Watts, Surreal, & DJ Idull.

Recorded in four days (as the album title suggests) in Geneva, Switzerland (as the album title suggests) during a short break while on a European tour; Braille, Ohmega Watts, Surreal, and DJ Idull entered Rec N’ Play Studios to lay down some beats made from the records they were collecting throughout the tour and lace some lyrics over the ill beats. The result is fantastic and is a testament to three individuals with the gift of gab who’d prefer to maintain productivity instead of loungin’, and from their loyal fan base, the offering is much appreciated. Dig these tunes that were written straight from the cuff and laid directly onto the platter.

Braille, Ohmega Watts, Surreal, & DJ Idull – Four Days In Geneva; Japan Import, 2007 (included w/ DJ Alibi link above)

4 Days In Geneva

Joe Bataan
Clutchy Hopkins - Walking Backwards

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