Do You Know Who Larry Doby Is?

I was watching a Cleveland Indians game the other day on television, and Peffer pointed out that everybody on the team was wearing the number 14. Not having two teammates in the frame, I called bullshit and said he likely misread a number. Then the next batter came up and sure enough he was wearing #14 just like the batter before him. Pan over to first base and the base coach is wearing #14 also. Pitcher comes out next inning and he’s wearing #14. What the fuck? Couldn’t figure this one out, so research had to be done.

Turns out that it was a tribute to Larry Doby who became the first African-American player in the American League about 60 years ago this August. Everybody remembers Jackie Robinson as the first player in the entire league, but I was humbled in my baseball knowledge by admitting that I had never even heard of the man. Good thing I did some research as his achievement is of equal importance to Jackie’s. Nuff respect.

Jackie and Larry

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