Down Santic Way

Leonard Chin’s Santic label was one of Jamaica’s truly innovative outfits, and, between 1973 to 1975, Leonard built a superb, but select, catalogue of hits at the centre of Kingston’s musical maelstromOne of Jamaica’s most creative and musical record producers, his name has remained relatively unsung outside of students of the music; for Leonard Chin’s musical reputation rests on two very compact and concentrated bodies of work. The first was showcased on An Even Harder Shade Of Black, Pressure Sounds debut LP, and is now continued with this album. The second was made later that decade in the UK when Leonard’s Lovers Rock records from Carroll Thompson, Trevor Walters and Donna Rhoden dominated the charts.

Horace Andy, I Roy, Jah Lloyd, Freddie McKay and Augustus Pablo all have excellent tracks included here with King Tubby’s mixing skills to the fore. This is a lean classy compilation from a young producer totally at one with his artists, his musicians and his own unique ability.

Down Santic Way; Pressure Sounds, 2005


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