Dublex Inc. – Eight Ears

Dublex Inc. came together when DJs Robin Hofmann, Florian Pflüger, Rino Spadavecchia, and Felix Stecher, got together in the summer of 2000 to host a night at the Le Fonque club in Stuggart, Germany. The group delivered a fine blend of house with a funky jazz flavor that was fueled by sampled sounds and breakbeats. Eventually, they moved their live sets into the recording booth and the result was a whole bunch of remixes, several twelve inches and their debut album, Eight Ears, which was released in 2004 on their own label, Pulver Records.

They primarily produce club tracks stemming from a mash of influences which is largely a result of the broad range of ages among the DJs. In the middle of the 80s, Rino experienced his first Italo-house sets, followed by hip-hop and the 89-England-style à la Bomb The Bass. Felix produced before he started to flip records on turntables. At the age of 13, he began to tease sounds out of his Atari and was a beat cutter. After his love of house music, he became a dub addict, just like Florian who changed his first hip-hop records into house and even acid house. You can find Robin’s roots in hip-hop, but he pretty soon lost interest in that subject and got himself quickly into more abstract and broken instrumental beats.

The results of these varied styles is an ever-wicked groove that underlies the entire album and keeps your head nodding from the get-go. Be on the lookout for their sophomore effort which is set to be released later this year.

Dublex Inc. – Eight Ears; Pulver Records, 2004

Dublex Inc - Eight Ears

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