Echo and More Echo and More Echo

I keep running into the word “echo”. Over the course of the past week, I have either read about or had conversations regarding the word on numerous occasions, so I figured I might as well spit out a top five. Never thought I’d compile a top five things related to the word “echo”, but here it goes.

  • Marc Ecko has just dropped his latest creation, digital graffiti, which is in collaboration with City Lights Digital. The creation allows mobile phone users to tag bus stops equipped with digital screens with a temporary piece that lasts until the next person comes by with an idea and a device. Not entirely practical by any means, but still pretty dope in my book.
  • I had a conversation with one of my co-workers about the myth regarding whether or not a duck’s quack makes an echo. Random conversation that resulted in me immediately going to Snopes for some positive proof. The myth is false.
  • How ‘bout The Echo Project festival that is coming to the outskirts of the ATL. Holy fuck that is a stellar line-up. I personally hate festivals and large amounts of people, but this event would possibly be an exception to the that feeling. Thievery Corporation doing their thang on that Georgia soil. Dope! Just one question…why the fuck are The Killers at the top of this list. I’ll take two acts at the bottom of the list, Toubab Krewe and The Afromotive, over them any day. Must be some sort of joke.
  • Echo Lounge on Flat Shoals Ave in East Atlanta was an absolutely stellar venue during its existence. I saw many a show there and I guess my favorite was more than likely The Slackers, circa Fall of ‘99, because all others acts get put to shame once the House of Slack enters the arena. Boss harmony.
  • General Echo aka Ranking Slackness is not one of my most favorite DJs of all-time, but he is the undisputed King of Slack. His albums, 12” of Pleasure and The Slackest LP, are the absolute definition of slack and paved the way for the dancehall culture of the 80’s. For some hilarious lyrics, check out both of those albums which include the phenomenal Winston Riley-produced cut “Bathroom Sex” among other vulgar-laden tracks.

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