Election or Erection

It’s election time in the U.S. (…or erection time as some Thai people say), I have followed some of the news over here, but luckily I am not subjected to the constant and excessive overexposure present in the U.S. media. Looks like Barack Obama is leading in the nomination for the Democratic bid after winning the Iowa caucus, and the Republican nomination seems remain largely undecided.

I’m affiliated with the Libertarian Party and support individuals from parties including the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Green Party, however I do not support individuals from the Prohibition Party. I regret my vote for President George W. Bush in the election of 2004 as it is quite obvious that the man and his administration are flawed in more ways than one. Guess I cannot offer enough sincere apologies for that one, but a daily mix of talk-radio programs from the likes of Boortz, The Kimmer, and Michael Savage while doing deliveries all day circa November 2004 heavily influenced that decision. A lack of all those voices and insightful reading of my own have led me to give my full support to Ron Paul this year. Hopefully things will go well during the caucuses and allow us to push forward. If you haven’t done so already, then get yourself registered.

Ron Paul For President in 2008!

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