Don’t get me wrong, I fully support piracy in all facets and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the problem, but I do abide by intellectual property laws in some ways. Well, I guess really only in one way…and that’s by being an eMusic subscriber. I first joined their site back in 2000 and loved everything about it from day one, most especially the unlimited downloads feature. A few years later, eMusic would revamp as a limited-download site, and I subsequently discontinued my membership as a boycott. However, I eventually came back after a year or so when I realized that, by changing their policy, they were able to attract a wider range of labels, and, thus, a wider selection of records.

In the last week or so, they launched a new site that is incredibly user-friendly and highly dynamic with in-page artist features providing links to YouTube content, Wikipedia information, and, coming soon, Flickr photography. So, from one member of society who has done more than my fair share to pilfer heaps and heaps of records, I hereby endorse and promote legal downloading via (and have done so for some time might I add) and encourage all to sign up and grab some files. Oh yeah, at the very least, you can sign up for a trial and get 25 (used to be 50) free tracks.

However, before I conclude, I must say that if you’re short on cash, I fully recommend directing it toward a Rapidshare account instead as the payoff is one-hundred fold compared to eMusic. Actually, if you don’t have a Rapidshare account by now…what the hell are waiting for? Finally, the best scenario is that which I have, both a Rapidshare account and an eMusic account. Get diggin’ people. – Currently hosting over 4.0 million tracks


Alton Ellis: 1944-2008
Diggin In The Crates

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