Epic 24-Hour Period

The epic nite from a weekend or two ago will likely require too lengthy of an explanation, so I’ll stick to a simple listing and let your piece the story together yourself.

– hooked up at the beach with one of my giks
– found some Newcastle and Stella at a local store
– drank my first Newcastle in six months in the shower
– drank the Stella in the car on the way to Patong
– went to Subway and spent US$9.00 so I could eat my first Veggie Delite sub and 3 cookies combo in six months. well worth it.
– laughed at a guy selling an ATL hat for 1,500 baht or US$50.00
– pounded some brews on Soi Bangla and then headed off to a go-go bar
– Khun Ree got called out first to go on stage and ended up being stripped and put into some tiny tighty whities. two girls rubbin’ him down. pussy in the face. put into a tub where he was straddled by a girl takin’ a shower. dragged off stage to change. the boner could not be hidden.
– i got called out next. less humilation, more fine girls. pants dropped. lap dance on stage. huge smile on my face. dragged off stage. mingling with 10 naked Thai girls in an 8x8ft room. they loved me and took all my money. after 15 mins, the security guy came looking for me.
– i was called out again. ate pieces of pineapple off some tits. out of the girls mouth. and then laughed at the shy Korean dude who was afraid to eat a piece off her pussy. delicious.
– called out again! another fine girl all up on me. bigger smile on my face.
– back to Soi Bangla to pound some brews and crack up about all of the prior events.
– drunken friends stumble back to the car. pissing in the sea. falling on the road. back to Phuket Town.
– call my other git up and go out to the beer garden. tilted back a bottle of 100 Pipers. shut the place down at 5 am and headed back home.
– K. Ree was sleeping in my bed, so I hooked up with my other gik in the lobby outside my room. goin’ at it, and, oblivious to it being morning time, my neighbor walks out to go somewhere. completely naked, so was she, and he walked right on by like nobody was there. awesome. after a laugh, we went right back to it.
– went to sleep having one of the most epic 24-hour periods in weeks.
fucking classic.

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