Evil Stig

I picked up this now out-of-print album in the Fall of 1995 and the emotion that pours out of this live set has been sending chills down my spine ever since. Evil Stig (which is Gits Live, as in “give”, backwards) was a group formed following the tragic death of Mia Zapata, lead singer of The Gits, who was brutally raped and murder in the summer of 1993 in Seattle, WA.

Joan Jett teamed up with the remaining members of the group for benefit shows in Seattle, Vancouver, L.A. and NYC. The response was overwhelming and the band ended up going on a nationwide tour with all proceeds going toward the investigation. It took a decade to do so, but it finally paid off when the rapist and killer was connected to the crime through DNA and sentenced to prison. Sad in every way, but touching to see how many people supported the cause, how it raised awareness of crimes against women and how it spawned anti-violence programs, such as Home Alive, in various major cities.

Evil Stig – Evil Stig; Warner, 1995

Evil Stig

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